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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First birthday cake knife

Jubilee Keepsakes takes great pride in the products we offer you. We hand inspect each first birthday cake knife we ship. The handles of the first birthday keepsake knife are beautifully beaded with accents and are silver plated. To be sure your recipient is getting the best, sometimes we hand polish some that need a little brightening up! While doing this, we envision the bright eyes of the moms and children as they unwrap the most special keepsake gift they will receive for the birthday celebration. Thanks, Jubilee Keepsakes

Jubile Keepsakes First Birthday

We have had so many birthday requests for First Birthday Cake Knives in July. We have had twins and we just love to find out the names of the children we do the engraving for. It really makes us feel a part of the birthday celebration. Thanks for letting us make your birthday celebrations special. Remember,at Jubilee Keepsakes,we offer free shipping on all orders to US!