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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Children's Jewelry

Jubilee Keepsakes offers many precious keepsake necklaces for children newborn through about age 14. We have brackelts such as our birthstone bracelets and bracelets for big sis and lil sis. We have many styles of cross pendant necklaces that will make wonderful gifts for that special occasion. Thanks, Jubilee Keepsakes.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Begin a Tradition

Begin a tradition by giving our Keepsake First Birthday Cake Knife. How fun to see your special birthday girl or boy grow over the years and use the keepsake birthday knife for so many special occasions. And then on the wedding day, use the keepsake first birthday cake knife for the couple's wedding cake. This is a wonderful keepsake for special occasions. You begin a tradition by giving this very special keepsake gift. See our fabric designs for the complete packaging in "the shop" on our web page.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pieces By Tam Dress

For your First Birthday Special occasion Jubilee Keepsakes offers several styles of Pieces By Tam . These are beautiful dresses of french lace and cotton batiste. Most styles have delicate ribbons for embellishments on the hems and sleeves. Right now these are the only styles we have to offer, but will be expanding our line of Pieces By Tam soon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Birthday Knife

We love wholesale inquiries. Just think about it. When the First Birthday Knife is opened at the birthday or baby shower, the first question is "Where did you get that"? and your store name is mentioned over and over again. Just think about it!

Debby Miller Americasmart

Jubilee Keepsakes signed up with Debby Miller at Americasmart in Atlanta for sales rep for Jubilee Keepsakes. Just opened our line with the October apparel and gift market. Looking forward to Jan. gift market. We will have all samples on the floor and plenty of reps to answer any questions.

First Birthday Knife

Our First Birthday Knife is the perfect gift for baby showers. See our fabrics in the Jubilee Keepsakes "Shop" on our website. What a wonderful gift for the first birtyday special occasion too!

Jewelry Boxes

Precious little girl jewelry boxes are now available for shipping for Christmas gifts.
all of our jewelry boxes are musical and have twirling ballerinas! Free Shipping on all orders to US! That is our gift to you for shopping with Jubilee Keepsakes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Jubilee keepsakes offers another wonderful keepsake shoe. It is our monogrammable satin Baby Deer shoe. This precious shoe from Baby Deer makes a perfect bring home shoe for newborns or is also perfect for christenings. Script monogram is so beautiful. Thanks so much for checking with us.

First Birthday Party Hats

Jubilee Keepsakes has three styles of First Birthday Party Hats. One for boy, as the Birthday Prince, and two for girls. These hats are beautifully made and embellished with satin ribbon and marabou trims. Perfect for First Birthday Pictures to keep for a lifetime. Each hat comes in a keepsake box. Thanks for chuckling.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1st Birthday Diaper Cover

Complete your first birthday ensemble with our monogrammed 1st Birthday Diaper Cover. What a cute accessory for first birthday pictures. White cotton diaper cover and remember we have free shipping on all orders to US

Children's Jewelry

Jubilee Keepsakes offers many styles to choose from. One of our best sellers is the classic pearl necklace available in pink or white pearls. This classic pearl necklace is 14 inches in length. What a wonderful keepsake gift. Our children's jewelry is handcrafted of the finest materials to give you years of enjoyment.

First Birthday Knife

Jubilee Keepsakes offers a very high quality custom made knife. The handle is silver plated and the blade is stainless. Overall measure is 13 inches. The stainless blade is perfect for engraving a child's name and birthday date. What a wonderful keepsake gift! Free Shipping on all orders to US.

Hi Five Cake Knife

Jubilee Keepsakes offers many designer fabrics for bags used to keep your first birthday knife in for years to come. Hi Five is just one of the new fabrics we have for boys. There are five colors in the fabric. Different shades of blues and brown. This is how we arrived at the name Hi Five and how many times have you seen little boys do a Hi Five? Our first birthday knife is perfect for engraving a child's name and birth day date. What a wonderful keepsake.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pieces By Tam Dress

Jubilee Keepsakes offers you the exquisite line of Pieces by Tam. We offer styles that are traditional in keeping with Pieces by Tam that you expect. These are perfect for First Birthday portraits or christening. So many special occasions will be remembered with these hand made dresses of french lace and batiste cottons. Thanks for shopping~

First Birthday Paryt Hats

Jubilee Keepsakes has three styles of precious First Birthday Party Hats. They come in a gift box as pictured for your keepsake. Our hats are perfect for the birthday princess or prince. Every birthday is special, but the First Birthday is always special. We offer free shipping on all orders to US. That is our gift to you for shipping at Jubilee Keepsakes.

Jewelry Boxes

Jubilee Keepsakes offers several styles and sizes of musical jewelry boxes. All of our jewelry boxes have twirling ballerinas and lovely music. We have cute styles for the younger girls and a wooden one for the older girl. These will make wonderful dance recital gifts or of course for birthday and Christmas. Thanks for taking a look at our lines.

Children's Jewelry

Jubilee Keepsakes offers many styles of children's jewelry. We have Birthstone bracelets, necklaces with hearts and crosses, cupcake bracelets and bracelets for Big Sis and Lil Sis. We have precious 3mm Swarovski pearl necklaces with tiny sterling silver crosses that are perfect for newborn and christening gifts. All of these are keepsake gifts the little one will treasure. Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Birthday Cake Knilfe

Begin a tradition by giving our First Birthday Cake Knife. Our gift makes a wonderful first birthday gift for that special occasion. We have many other gifts to complete your first birthday ensemble such as bibs, party hats and diaper covers. We also have Cupcake bracelets to give to the special birthday girl. Thanks for shopping at Jubilee Keepsakes.

Ballerina Jewelry Organizer

For the upcoming holiday season, don't miss our Ballerina Jewelry Organizer. This will be the perfect gift for any young dancer. Perfect for arranging necklaces, earrings and bracelets. We offer gift wrap to make things easy for you. We also offer free shipping on all orders to US.
Don't miss our Birthday bibs, jewelry boxes and first birthday party hats. We can offer you a complete ensemble for your baby's special occasion first birthday. Thanks from Jubilee Keepsakes.

Special Occassion Gifts

Jubilee Keepsakes offers many lines of special occasion gifts. If you are a retailer and are seeking gifts that will make an impression, you wont want to miss our First Birthday Cake Knife. When this gift is opened at baby showers or birthdays, the first thing asked is "Where did you get that?" and your store name is mentioned over and over. Don't miss out on this perfect keepsake item. Inquire for wholesale account information. Thanks from Jubilee Keepsakes.

Birthstone Bracelet

Jubilee Keepsakes offers a precious birthstone bracelet that is the perfect special occasion gift for any newborn. The month of October is here and there is time to order the October birthstone bracelet. The swarovski stone for October is Opal. Our birthstone bracelet will be a keepsake for sure. Free shipping on all orders to US. That is our gift to you from Jubilee Keepsakes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Birthday Cake Knilfe

Jubilee Keepsakes is happy to be shipping to the eastern states. At the children's market in Charlotte, we signed on new stores to be selling our First Birthday Cake Knife. This item makes a wonderful baby shower gift and of course first birthday gift for boys and girls. Stock up now for Christmas. Order from our website and get free shipping to US. Have a great day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Charlotte Children's Market

Jubilee Keepsakes just returned from the Charlotte Children's Market on Oct. 1,2, and 3rd. Picked up some new states in the eastern areas. More boutiques to be selling our Keepsake First Birthday Cake Knife. New fabrics to come soon! Thanks, Jubilee Keepsakes.